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Selkirk is among the oldest of the Royal Burghs in Scotland and claims to have the earliest settlements in the Scottish Borders. The people are called Souters, meaning cobblers, especially menders and shoe makers.  

The town is known best for its bannocks, which is a round large flat bread cooked or baked from grain. If cut into wedges, those are called scones. The Selkirk Bannock, baked first in 1859, is buttery and spongy with a large quantity of raisins, which compares it to a fruitcake. Queen Victoria, on her visit to Sir Walter Scott's granddaughter's home, had a slice and enshrined its reputation.  
Sir Walter Scott was born in 1771 in Edinburgh but was sent to live in the Borders region at his grandparents' farm. His Aunt Jenny and others fired his fascination with stories of the Scottish Borders that characterized many of his tales. He was also the Sheriff in Selkirk for 33 years. 

The Lochcarron Visitor Centre attracts tourists to its textile manufacturing with tours that have been operated for over 30 years. You see the entire production from the dyeing of yarn all the way to the finished clothes and accessories made from lambswool, cashmere, merino and lamora. The centre stocks these as well as more than 700 tartans.  

Selkirk Common Riding is one of the oldest Border Festivals, dating back to 1513, and has more than 400 riders who take part.