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Explore Peebles

When you explore Peebles, Scotland, you will find many unusual attractions and events to enjoy. 

Peebles, nestled on the River Tweed, is known as "The Jewel of the Borders" and has a slogan of "Peebles for Pleasure". Well-known for its salmon fishing, it also offers golf, horseback riding, walking, ancient monuments as well as shopping establishments and restaurants that are award winning. Designated as a Royal Burgh by King David I of Scotland in 1152, you can still stroll through medieval sections which have hardly changed over the centuries.  

Also known as an arts destination town, its Eastgate Theatre and Arts Centre features performing visual arts, touring theater companies, music, crafts, dance and cinema. 

Neidpath Centle dates back to approximately 1190, and it was visited in 1563 by Mary, Queen of Scots. Numerous sections were demolished and had to be rebuilt over the years.  

The Peebles Arts Festival is 30 years old and is the only Borders' multi-arts festival. There are artists, musicians, photographers, arts-related work shops, film and theater performances, crafts, and tours. 

The Peebles Highlands Games are held in September and find some of the best athletes in the country competing in traditional Heavy Events. There is Highland dancing, craft and trade stands, a Pipe Band contest and the ever-popular beer tent.