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Melrose is a small town in the Scottish Borders which is tucked in between the River Tweed and the Eildon Hills. Its name comes from "mell", a mason's hammer, and "rose", which symbolizes the Virgin Mary. Its ancient streets are picturesque and contain shopping which is said to be the best in the Borders.  

The Melrose Abbey was built in the 12th century and is one of Great Britain's most awesome monastic ruins. The heart of Robert the Bruce, a Scottish king, was in a sealed casket discovered in a dig by high school students. The unopened casket was then put into a sealed cylinder and re-buried in the Abbey. 

For walkers, Melrose is the start of St. Cuthbert's Way, which is part of the European walking route E2 covering over 60 miles. It ends at Lindisfarne, known as Holy Island, near Northumberland, England.  

The Melrose Pipe Band Championships are now being held in July and attract pipers and drummers from throughout the world. Many young people are involved and this event brings a lot of publicity to Melrose and also thousands of pounds into the economy. The included Highland Dancing Contest brings dancers, including world champions, to show off their skills.