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Hotels In Kelso

Finding the best rates on Kelso hotels is easy with We partner with all the biggest booking sites to ensure you can compare and save on cheap hotels in Kelso and the rest of the Scottish Borders. Some of the most popular Kelso hotels include Roxburghe Golf Club & Hotel and The Townhouse.

Explore Kelso

Located on the beautiful River Tweed, the Scottish Border town of Kelso is ideally located for travellers wanting to explore the rest of the Borders, Northumberland, or the Berwickshire Coast. Kelso is also a popular destination in its own right, offering several historical sights, ample outdoor activities, and a number of restaurants and pubs. Sightseers often come to visit the ruins of Kelso Abbey, a Romanesque structure built in 1128. The Kelso Bridge, designed by John Rennie, who would afterwards go on to build The Waterloo Bridge in London, is another popular attraction. Kelso also boasts Floors Castle, which has the distinction of being the largest inhabited residence in the whole of Scotland. For the outdoors enthusiast, Kelso has unparalleled golf courses, walking and biking trails, and salmon fishing.  

Visitors have several accommodation options. The Roxburghe Golf Club & Hotel in Kelso offers more luxurious amenities for a relaxing holiday, and there are also several smaller hotels, quaint bed and breakfasts and self-hosting cottages in the area that are perfect for travellers focusing on sporting recreation and exploration. Dining options are clustered around the Town Centre and range from fine-dining at many of the hotel restaurants to casual pub fare and Indian takeaway.