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Innerleithen is the eighth in size of the Scottish Borders settlements and is in the Tweed Valley of southern Scotland. Its roots go back to the 12th century and pre-Roman days.  

Innerleithen has a reputation for some of the best mountain biking in the United Kingdom, especially for the more experienced rider who is looking for awesome freeride and downhill trails. All four main routes are graded Orange. The XC red-graded route is superb. 
Border Games every July, part of a ten-day festival, is the oldest of Scotland's organized sports activities with competitions, entertainment, a treasure hunt and a pageant marking St. Ronan's casting devils out of the town. 

Fame began for Innerleithen when it became a spa town because of its Dow Well natural health-giving spring, which was immortalized by Sir Walter Scott's novel, "Roman's Well", written in 1823.  

Cashmere wool and fashion knitwear have been international successes. However, the largest mill closed in January 2010. The new owner, Caerlee Mills Ltd., operates with just a reduced work force but has its shop open to visitors.  

Traquair House is Scotland's oldest inhabited house, having been built in 1107. Used by royalty as a hunting lodge and later by Catholic priests as a refuge, now it is a piece of history that offers a romantic wedding setting, many summer events, and an annual Traquair Fair with entertainment, music, dancers, work shops and crafts.