Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts in Hawick

Hotels & Bed & Breakfasts In Hawick can help you find the perfect hotel or bed and breakfast in Hawick. We search multiple sites for the very best rates meaning you cannot find better rates on cheap Hawick hotels or Hawick bed and breakfast accommodation anywhere. We partner with all the largest booking providers to help you chose the best deal using multiple search criteria and real customer reviews. Popular accommodation in Hawick includes the Auld Cross Keys and Brougham House B&B.

Explore Hawick

Despite its relatively remote position Hawick is well placed for exploring the borders and Edinburgh, Glasgow, Carlisle and Newcastle are all easily drivable. The rolling hills are popular with walkers and its well worth bringing the golf clubs as, should you be inclined, there are several good courses in the immediate area. 

There are a number of comfortable bed and breakfasts in Hawick which provide good value accommodation in the town. 

Your stay may coincide with one of the many festivals or events in the town organised by the active and friendly community that actively celebrates its past and traditions. Often a stop off point for holiday makers heading north or south Hawick is well worthy as a holiday destination in its own right.