Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts in Eyemouth

Hotels In Eyemouth can help you find the perfect hotel in Eyemouth to suit your travel requirements. We list almost all the Eyemouth hotels, making it easy to guarantee your accommodation be it for business or leisure. Very popular places to stay in Eyemouth include the Eye Sleep Over and Redhall Cottages.

Explore Eyemouth

Eyemouth is one of the largest towns in the Scottish Borders and is where we at are based! It is ideally located to explore the best of the Borders East Coast and Edinburgh is just an hour to the North. 

The town still has a very active fishing harbour which is very evident as you stroll along the sea front or main high street. In the summer and holiday periods the town is very popular with holiday makers, especially amongst the camping fraternity as there are a number of very good caravan and camp sites in the area, not least the Eyemouth Holiday Park, situated on top of the cliffs overlooking the town. There are also a number of comfortable and cheap hotels in Eyemouth.

As with most Borders Towns, especially the coastal ones there is a diverse choice of pubs and restaurants in Eyemouth as well as numerous takeaways. The nearby village of Coldingham, also has an excellent pub (The New Inn) and St. Abbs is well worth visiting whilst staying in Eyemouth for its quaint charm, huge cliffs, wildlife and coastal walks.